Assistance aux femmes

Services for children

Provide a safe place for children to reduce the stress level caused by the domestic violence situation.

Although children are not directly affected by the various forms of violence, they are certainly not spared from the impacts of frequent exposure to these manifestations.

Living in a violent environment can have many consequences on children, depending on their age.

Crying fits or anger, nightmares, violent behaviour (biting, hitting, pushing, breaking toys, etc.), stunted growth, weight gain or loss, symptoms of anxiety or depression, dropping out of school (in adolescence), reproduction of violence (from adolescence to adulthood)

To use violence is to show weakness

Assistance aux femmes- Services pour enfants

A play-based approach

To promote each child’s development and fulfilment, play and fun have a central role in our activities with them.

In addition to running group activities during holidays and parties, our youth workers organize activities such as:

Art workshops, science workshops, cooking classes, sports sessions, board games, outings to the park, movie screenings at the cinema, museum discoveries, visits to the library.

Activities are designed to help children express their emotions, develop self-esteem and build harmonious relationships with their peers.
We pay special attention to the impact of domestic violence on children who are exposed to it, at all times.

Mother-child intervention

Women are provided shelter with their children and teenagers aged between 0-17 years.

Domestic violence can undermine the mother-child relationship, but support can help restore it.
It is therefore in a spirit of collaboration and respect that the youth workers meet with each mother to assess the needs of her children.

For security reasons, we help our residents find a new school for their children while putting protective measures in place.

Some of the services we offer

Daily accompaniment and support in the living environment

Meetings to discuss a mother’s concerns regarding her children

Discussions on the effects of domestic violence on children and on the mother-child relationship

Accompaniment during legal proceedings for children custody

Support during children’s visits with their father

What about the protection of the right of access to children?(i.e., when the children see their father)?

In some cases, the violence can continue during visiting rights. A father may try to weaken the mother-child relationship by alienating the mother from her child (also known as parental alienation), or by using the child to pass on messages to his/her mother.
If you are experiencing post-separation violence, we can support you to help you navigate this situation.

Did you know?

Domestic violence is the consequence of the aggressor’s increasingly controlling behaviour, occurring in 4 phases?

STOP! That's enough!

You are not alone! You have rights.
We are here to help you.

Assistance aux femmes- Sans papiers

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