Assistance aux femmes

Shelter services for women with children

Our shelter is a welcoming and safe place where you can feel comfortable in your own private room.

Traumas inflicted by a violent partner are not always physical nor visible. Victims can have aftereffects in different areas of their life such as :

Anxiety, sleeping disturbances, memory loss, eating disorders, difficulty concentrating, chronic pain, precarious finances, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, loss of self-esteem, etc.

Take your happiness back from those who took it away

When you arrive

Upon your arrival, you will meet with a counsellor for an onboarding session. She will then become your social worker for the duration of your stay.

An intervention plan is put into action to decrease the effects of stress as you see your progress throughout the stay.

Our workers provide you with daily support so you can reach your goals at your own pace and thus break the cycle of domestic violence.

Our work always takes into account the danger posed by threats from an abusive and violent partner so we implement protective measures when necessary.

Intervention plan

The intervention plan is established to empower you, during your stay and even after.

We believe in the importance of informing you of your rights and of the different options available to you, many of which you may be unfamiliar with.

For this reason, our workers will provide you with assistance and support with the tasks you undertake.

These are some of the procedures you may undertake as a shelter resident:

Retrieving your belongings at your former residence, thanks to a formal agreement with the police department

Obtaining a legal aid mandate so you can access a lawyer

Setting up an appointment with a lawyer

Going to civil and/or criminal court, accompanied by a shelter worker

Applying for social assistance (welfare) or employment insurance benefits

Opening a bank account

Applying for various services, such as: IVAC (crime victims’ compensation), low-cost and co-op housing, family allowances

Accessing immigration services

Making appointments with other professionals in the public or private healthcare system, such as physicians, social workers, and psychologists

Accessing community organization services

Community life is an important part of the work we do.

Our shelter has common areas (kitchen, dining room, playroom, and backyard), which promote supportive interactions between families and with our workers. Our residents also have access to two computers with internet access

Post-residential follow-up

Our goal, To provide women with a personalized follow-up after their stay at our shelter :

Finalize the procedures that you started at the shelter Such as legal or immigration procedures, applications for IVAC (Crime Victims Compensation Act), security measures for your new apartment, etc.

Continue receiving assistance in certain areas as you keep building your new life. Such as job search, return to school, finding a daycare, a school or a day camp .

Our former residents are referred, as needed, to other resources that offer the services they require and that can help them build connections in their community (support groups, food banks, cultural centres, coffee meetings, etc.).

If they have specific needs, our former residents can be referred to professionals in the private or public healthcare system.

We also help our former residents set up protective measures after they leave the shelter, as security risks can remain following a separation from a violent partner. We continue to provide personalized support services to our ex-residents and their children.

Did you know?

Domestic violence is the consequence of the aggressor’s increasingly controlling behaviour, occurring in 4 phases?

Assistance Aux femmes-Violence

STOP! That's enough!

You are not alone! You have rights.
We are here to help you.

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