Assistance aux femmes

External services

To support you with personalized services adapted to your situation and your needs if you’re thinking of seeking shelter in the future.

This service is only provided by appointment, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is intended for women who do not want to stay at our shelter.

The duration of our follow-up service is approximately five weeks however, telephone support is available at all times.

Childcare and activities are provided by a youth counsellor whenever women must bring their children to their follow-up appointments. We also offer support services for children if needed.

Words may be fleeting, but their impact lasts

Telephone consultations

Assistance aux femmes de Montréal provides téléphone consultations at all times.

We field calls for information about our services, legal information, and requests for referral to other organizations and professionals.

We also offer psychosocial follow-up by telephone.

External follow-up

This service is for women (with children) who face domestic violence. Whether seeking for immediate shelter or considering it for the future... .

You will never be alone if you call on us, we will help you.

The follow-up is adapted to individual needs but generally includes:

Active listening and support

Psychosocial assistance

Helping with procedures related to domestic violence, such as legal proceedings, financial matters, and crime victims’ compensation (IVAC)

Assisting with immigration-related matters, such as citizenship and family reunification

De l’accompagnement lié aux différentes démarches

Social and community reintegration (studies, employment, support groups, other resources)

Referral to other professional services for specific needs (CSSS, physicians, psychological support, etc.)

The violence cycle

Did you know?

Domestic violence is the consequence of the aggressor’s increasingly controlling behaviour, occurring in 4 phases?

Assistance Aux femmes-Violence

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You are not alone! You have rights.
We are here to help you.

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